How Delhi-Based Entab Is Giving a Fillip to Online School Education

Delhi-based Entab, with over 1.15 million students on its online school education enterprise resource planning (ERP) software CampusCare and its mobile application, has helped students across schools in India to learn online during the COVID-19 pandemic when students, office workers, and others were forced to work remotely.


Entab's CampusCare software in the country's most preferred school management ERP software. Himanshu Singh Rialch, head of marketing at Entab, said it is an artificially intelligent software that comes equipped with modules and features.

"An average school with 2,000 students in a tier II city had an approximate 30,000-50,000 login per month prior to Covid." Along with COVID, the usage factor moved from 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh. The dependability of the app increased heavily from once a day to 2.5 times a day. Most of the communication moved to mobile apps instead of other means followed earlier, "Rialch said."


CampusCare ERP is a comprehensive school management software that manages everything, right from the attendance of thousands of students, to provide the facility of bus tracking, GPS, and online fee management.


Founded in 2000 by Lawrence Zacharias and Shaji Thomas, Entab is considered a front runner when it comes to digitalising school campuses. It has a dedicated team of more than 500 professionals, headquartered in New Delhi and operating in 29 different states.

Many schools' teaching staff have started to realise the importance of technology and its benefits. Hence, they started accepting quality software for today’s needs and futuristic solutions that could lift them and bring transformation in their thinking and working. The sales will increase as we increase our presence in the market and when we succeed in "communicating" with the market, Rialch added.


Entab is also working on launching digital content wherein students can opt-in, pay-and-use the same app.


Teachers can use our standard teaching materials for better preparation for the next day's teaching. Whereby they can increase and improve the quality and quantity of content delivered in the classroom, "he added.


Most parents who learned to work from home and be an effective working force in WFH are welcoming technological tools in their children's education. The overall perception in the market has changed in favour of technology. The NEP 2020 is also pushing for hybrid learning to boost education.


Fees paid by parents have increased four to five times over the pre-Covid era. The company is using payment services provider technologies in the majority of schools.

The online payments were about Rs 3-6 lakh per month in the pre-Covid era, which has increased to Rs 16-20 lakh per month now. This is clear evidence of the better acceptance of technology among parents.


Currently, the company is working on launching a new mobile application that will take care of administrative, academic, and financial aspects for students, parents, teachers, and school management.


Entab is also focusing on business-to-business and business-to-customer (B2B2C) and direct-to-customer (D2C) sales to students. B2B2C sales will be done through schools, while D2C sales will be done via advertising.


The organisation is on the cusp of launching the latest offering of integrated solutions focusing on educators, parents, and students by providing a one-stop solution comprising Cloud-based ERP, Smart Boards, Learning Management Systems, and Digital Content, which will prove to be a game-changer for all the stakeholders involved.