Why use a School Management Software? School Management System features

Have you been suggested by anyone recently that you should use the school management software to run your school and you turned down the offer? This is for you do you really need a school management software? let's see in any educational institution you have to maintain the data like student admission and contact details, student attendance, progress report, fee payment details, diary.


You also have to maintain the teacher data as well like teacher’s attendance, performance report, salary slips etc but how do schools’, colleges or any educational institution manage the data in general. It's simple they use paper do you know how much a large University with over a thousand students would spend on paper every year it's ten thousand dollars approximately 700 thousand Indian rupees. You don't realize that while using the paper do you think the information or the data that you put on the paper is safe if you want to use it in the future everyone's answer would be NO. Do you think it's easy to collect the data that was put in the paper NO it's not but if you use a School Management Software you can save a lot of time and money instantly Your data is safe forever in the cloud no one will have access to it except you let's rip the data in just a click.


School Management Software greatly helps in reducing the time and workload with school Management App CampusCare. You will have full control over your school from anywhere in the world. You don't have to be at school to know what's going on at this code today right from taking the


  • Diary
  • exams
  • student attendance
  • Results generating their score cards
  • Online maintaining their free details
  • Teachers attendance
  • Salary management expenditure details
  • Accounting etc


You can download them in multiple formats like PDF, excel sheet, Word document etc. Using school mailbox teachers, students and parents can communicate with each other. If students wish to share their presentation with the teacher, they can use the same school mailbox. CampusCare app greatly helps to manage your school college or any educational institute. You can save a lot of paper. Saving paper is saving the forest.


School Management System Software is a new way to turn the schools into modern education with time it has become the demand of the schools. What is school management system software?  The online school management software managers and organize all the activities of the school in the proper way. It helps to enhance productivity and brings attractive management. This is helpful for the parents, students and schools.


Benefits of online school management software:


  • Increase productivity
  • Better communication access from anywhere
  • Reduce workload
  • Complete training of students
  • Save time, user friendly
  • Easy to access the code data
  • Secure online payment
  • Multi-user functionality


Features of the school management software


  • Teacher academic management
  • Attendance management
  • Maths management
  • Easy interaction with parents
  • Latest updates on examination
  • Parents Management
  • Online fees payment
  • GPS tracking
  • Better communication with teacher’s
  • Class work schedule with the students
  • Attendance view report
  • School transportation
  • Library management
  • Hr and payroll management
  • Feed management payroll management
  • Employee level management
  • Certificate management
  • Event management
  • Admission management
  • Account management
  • Asset management


There are numerous advantages and disorder has turned the school management easy. The online school management software plays a vital part in organizing if you aren't looking for the school management software development company so be our soft egg is a leading online school management company in India. We have a perfect blend of professional and dedicated team of engaged and high functional to our clients contact us at www.entab.in.